About Me

Hello! I'm Michelle. I enjoy running and sewing, and so it made sense to start sewing my own activewear. I'm also a trailing spouse, and when it was time to look for a new job, I decided to open an online fabric store focusing on activewear fabrics.

While exploring fabric options, I noticed a hole in the market for recycled polyester (rPET). With the increase in sewists choosing to sew their own activewear, and sewists looking for more eco-friendly fabrics, I feel like there is a need for accessible rPET by the yard.

Based in Nebraska I'm nowhere near the ocean, but I still love the idea that buying fabric made with rPET is keeping bottles out of the ocean. I have a certified bottle count listed in the product description of my fabrics.  I'd love to see your makes, please tag me @sewdynamicfabrics.

You can also read some other fun facts about me here.

Helping to keep our oceans clean, one yard of rPET at a time.