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Get to know the owner of Sew Dynamic Fabrics


I wanted to take some time for you to get to know me. This is important to me. I see a lot of online businesses and I have no idea who the owner is. The store is their entire identity. Their website and social medias are perfectly and professionally curated. And while it's beautiful and I'm jealous at times, it's not me. I'm a person and not just a website/business. 

I am Michelle, a wife and dog mom, who is launching an online shop selling synthetic fabrics made with REPREVE fibers. 

Some of you may have seen me on Instagram (@sewnewmichelle). I'm fairly quiet and typically just lurk at everyone's photos, but I'm trying to improve on my social media engagement.

I do not have a background in environmental studies, oceanography, the fashion industry, or writing. Everything I write about is from the internet...and well sometimes the internet is not always reliable. I try and find multiple sources for any facts I mention and I'll reference my sources for you to check out. My writing is also pretty basic and simplistic. No thesaurus needed. 

Here's some other random facts about me:

  • I've been sewing for 6 years. I started with bags and then moved to garments. I love sewing bags...if you haven't tried it, you should.
  • I'm married and have one fur baby. 
  • When I adopted my dog (Tucker), I actually intended to look at another dog. But as I was walking the aisle of adoptable dogs I saw Tucker. I remember the moment I saw him like it was yesterday (it was 11 years ago). It was love at first sight. Like a love story in slow motion...but with a dog. I feel really guilty for not getting that other dog, and I really hope he went to a good home.
  • I've run 9 marathons, one 50 miler and one 3 day race. I haven't run a marathon in almost 3 years and miss it. The feeling of accomplishment you get when you cross the finish line trumps all the pain you go through. 
  • I was born in Alabama, moved to Texas for 10 years, then to Switzerland for 4 and now I'm in Nebraska. Nebraska is colder than Bern, Switzerland. 
  • I moved to Texas straight out of college. I picked Austin from a map. I wanted to be close enough to drive home if needed but not too close. I didn't know a sole, and only had a low paying retail job.
  • I've never used my college degree.
  • I love animals. Sometimes more than people...ok not just sometimes. 
  • I prefer nature to big cities.
  • I will always root for the underdog.
  • My favorite movie (and movie franchise) is Tremors and I've had a subtle resentment towards Kevin Bacon for not returning. 
  • My favorite TV show is probably Friends. And any reality show with competitions..and Grey's Anatomy.
  • I don't really know when to use quotation marks, but I like to use them. So please just humor me if I use them incorrectly. 


  • I can't wink.
  • I have regular dance parties with my dog.
  • When alone I talk to myself all the time. 
  • I take a bath everyday. A long sometimes my dog peaks over the tub to check on me.
  • Apparently I've been saying the word "gem" wrong my entire life. I pronounce it "jim". My mouth can not make the correct vowel sound.
  • I can't swallow pills.
  • I have a short attention span, which means no blog post will ever be too long! 
  • I was in the pharmaceutical industry for 12 years and am currently unemployed since we moved to Nebraska. I'm all in with Sew Dynamic.

Let me know if you share any of my quirks. What's a fun fact about you? We have to celebrate our uniqueness. Our quirkiness will make our business different from others. 

Next time I'll get into where the idea of Sew Dynamic came from. I'll also chime in with what it's like to start a business as an introvert. 


  • Hi Michelle! I lived in Nebraska for two years as a little thing. I’ve also lived in Minnesota, Washington state, Washington D.C., Oregon, Virginia, and Malaysia – but necessarily in that order! I’ve been sewing for forty-four years, mostly garments but some quilts, crafts, bags, and home dec. I love the idea of recycled fibers! My buys won’t be athletic wear, but will be for garments. Thanks for making these fabrics available to the general sewing population.

  • Hi, welcome to Nebraska! I’m a runner, too, and am learning to sew so I can make some awesome gear. ♥️

  • I love this “real” blog post! Came across your site when you posted on Greenstyles facebook page, and absolutely LOVE what you are doing here. As a scuba diver (well just on vacations since I’m landlocked :P) I am more in tune with how plastic and waste effects our oceans. It’s absolutely terrible, and I love how you’re trying to make a change! So excited to put in my first order!

    Kayla Kissane

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