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How I started my business: Part 2 (Name, business cards and TexWorld)

Welcome to Part 2 of how Sew Dynamic came to be. In Part 1 I talked about the initial idea. You know that idea you think sounds "fun", but will most likely never happen. Then the stars started to align. We decided to move back to the US, we were moving to a part of the country that doesn't have a lot of opportunists for the career I was in, and we had enough time to save up some money for my business before the move.  

At this point I still didn't think it would actually develop into a business. Then in April of 2018 I had a few glasses of wine and randomly signed up for TexWorld in New York for that July. TexWorld is a textile souring convention. It was free to sign up, so I figured it wouldn't be a big deal if I didn't end up going. It required a business name, which I didn't have, so I made one up. I figured I could go in and update my business name later - which I did.

Signing up for TexWorld gave me the push to start really thinking about starting a business. When I signed up it said I would need to show a business card. I had 3 months to think of an official name, design a logo and get business cards. 

First, was the name. Honestly, the first 3 or 4 names I wanted were already taken. Finding a name that is available is frustrating. I wanted a name that would also be available on Instagram and Facebook. I also wanted the name to contain the word "sew". I had a running list of words I liked, and after weeks of looking at a thesaurus I finally decided on "dynamic". 

The definition of dynamic is: (of a process or system) characterized by constant change, activity, or progress. I like this word because we are all dynamic. Everything is constantly changing: our bodies, fashion, and our personal morals. We as consumers are all agents of change.  

I had a business name, but then we moved and that took up a month or so of my time. Fast forward, it's now June '18. I wanted a logo for my business card. This wasn't needed, and I probably should have held off on it. But I used LogoJoy (which is now Looka) to come up with my first logo. There are tons of resources that make creating a logo easy, this is just the one I picked. If you have a general idea of what you want, my friend used Fiverr and was really pleased with the results. 

Then I just used VistaPrint for the business cards and I was ready for TexWorld! Funny enough, when I went to sign in at TexWorld they didn't even ask to see my business card.

So I've said before that I am an introvert. The idea of traveling alone, going to a busy city by myself, and initiating a conversation with random suppliers seemed impossible. On top of that I was unprepared, I didn't know the industry or really what I was looking for besides "athletic fabrics". 

So just imagine a girl, with a permanent "deer in the headlights" look, walking slowly around the showroom at a distance far enough away where no suppliers could talk to me...and that's exactly what I looked like. 


So because I was too nervous to talk to anyone, I went to the free discussions they offered. Many of the lectures were about sustainability and the environment. And it was at one of these lectures that I heard the word "Repreve" for the first time. I wrote it down, didn't know anything about it and didn't think about Repreve again the rest of the trip. 

That's it for this part. The moral of this post is you don't have to be perfect the first time. I wasn't ready for Texworld. I didn't have a name, a logo, or even a clear business plan. But Sew Dynamic and the idea to sell recycled polyester would have never happened without jumping into the deep end and going to a fabric show. 

And this is why sometimes drinking wine can lead to very good decisions. :) 

Until next time!



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