All About Brushed Jersey

Brushed Jersey is a new fabric base and most people are probably unfamiliar with it. This post is intended to try and answer as many questions as possible about brushed jersey and this round.
⭐️First here's the basic fabric information:
♻️17.5 recycled plastic bottles per yard
🇺🇸Made and printed in the USA
🏃‍♀️Sorbtek® wicking treatment added
📓 92% Repreve polyester; 8%Spandex
⚖️ 230 gsm
↔️100% horizontal, 60% vertical stretch
⭐️Where is the fabric milled? This fabric is milled and printed in the US. Even the post consumer plastic bottles are sourced from the US and the recycled fibers are also made in the US.
⭐️How many plastic bottles are recycled to make this fabric base? 17.5 plastic bottles go into every yard.
⭐️Panels: There are 4 panels and 4 seamless designs. The panels are Climate Stripes, Kraken, Mountain Border, and Misty Trees. They are printed as panels, so I can have them running along the grainline (selvages on the left and right). This is opposite of how they were done when I ran them in athletic knit. The panels measure 53" tall (1 inch short of 1.5 yards). The price will reflect this 1" shortage.
⭐️ The strike team will be using the hashtag #sewdynamicbrushedjersey on all of their brushed jersey makes on Facebook and Instagram. Click on the hashtag to see all their makes in one place. There is also a Brushed Jersey album in the Facebook group.
⭐️Turnaround time: This will be my first time using this printer for production printing and I'll be using a freight company. The turnaround time until the fabric gets to me will be roughly 3-6 weeks, with around 4 weeks being most likely.
⭐️Feel: This fabric is a brushed jersey knit. It's smooth and cool on the right side, and brushed on the inside. The brushed side makes it cozy against your skin. It's a good fabric for transitional weather (cool temps, but not cold). In terms of weight and stability I'd say it's similar to double brushed poly.
The fabric also softens up a tad more after you wash it.
⭐️Garment Recommendations: The strike team has made a variety of garments in this fabric base. It's been used for dresses, skirts, lightweight hoodies, pullovers, cardigans, joggers, shorts, long sleeve running tops, and casual tops (raglans and t-shirts).
⭐️Is it workout gear appropriate or more lounge-wear? It can be used for either. It has both a wicking and an antimicrobial treatment, so good for athleisure wear. But a lot of my strike team used it for causal wear as well. Dresses, skirts, lightweight hoodies, pullovers, cardigans, joggers, shorts, casual tops (raglans and t-shirts) and casual leggings.
⭐️Price: The price is $23/yard. Recycled fibers and US milled/printed is expensive, but I'm happy to support my small business printer, and knowing who made both the fibers and fabric. 
⭐️Transparency Post: I hope everyone read my transparency post in the announcements regarding the original sample fabric I was given vs. the production fabric. In short, the production fabric is less brushed/thinner feeling than the 3 samples I was given from my supplier. It's still getting great reviews, but I want to be transparent if you received a plain white sample with an order from May-early September.⠀
The preorder is open now until October 7th, click here to check it out.

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